A Cover Can Be Your Best Friend In A Time of Need

While taking your boat out on the water may be one of the most enjoyable activities during Minnesota summers, having to deal with the cost of repairing and replacing certain parts of your boat can be a serious buzz kill to your summer fun. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of boat tops available that will help you avoid some major repair and replacement costs.

Boat Tops

If you store your boat on the water at a marina then it is exposed to extremely damaging direct sunlight. Even though boats are designed to be able to handle the elements regardless of how well they are designed the sun will eventually start breaking down your upholstery and even cause some serious cracking and deformations of vital instruments on your boat dashboard. This includes the chance that your instruments might even malfunction while you’re out on the water which could prove to be quite dangerous.

A proper boat top will help you protect your boat while you’re not using it. There are several forms of these boat tops which make it convenient to find the perfect one for your particular boat. Among the most common types of tops are those that form a basic, yet reliable frame which is often attached directly to the dock or partially submerged directly in the water if the water level is shallow enough. Once you find the right size and shape you can easily set it up to provide your boat with vital protection at all times.

Boat Covers

Another method that has proven to be especially effective in protecting boats from excessive exposure to harmful UV rays and direct sunlight is accomplished by using boat covers. These really convenient items make it easy to protect your boat from the elements all year round. Most models feature a convenient elastic band that makes it easy to simply pull it around the frame of your boat. These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Plus, there are plenty of different types that you can choose from, including those for ski boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, and virtually any other type of boat.

Make sure to choose boat covers from manufacturers who have a reputation for quality and who stand behind the products that they sell – like our 100% guarantee. By making a small investment in a quality boat cover, you are ensuring that your boat will stay in great condition for years to come.

Canvas Upholstery

Even if you store your boat indoors during while you are not using it just the few hours every time you take it out on the water under the direct sun can cause serious damage to your boat. This means that your upholstery can take a beating and will probably eventually need to be replaced.

You can use canvas upholstery to replace any worn out seats or sections in the boat you want. In fact, canvas upholstery is one of the best ways to spruce up a used boat and make it feel new again.

Custom Boat Tops

And even if you don’t readily find a boat top that seems like it meets your particular needs or if you have a particularly uniquely shaped boat then you can look into your options for getting a custom boat top. These tops can be tailor made to match your boat’s exact dimensions, which is very important since any seepage through ill-fitting spaces can create serious problems.  At Canvas Craft, we have been making customer boat tops for decades and can create anything you could want.

A Cover Will Pay For Itself In It's Lifetime

As any Minnesota boat owners knows, boat covers can take a real beating. Especially if you leave them outside during the winter months: the elements; curious animals trying to scratch their way through the cover and into the nice dry boat; leaves, branches and occasionally limbs falling on them and perhaps piercing them. You might make temporary repairs to the greatest damage with a strip or two of duct tape, but making permanent repairs during the boating season, even before the first launch, will ensure a long life for your boat’s cover. At Canvas Craft we can repair any Minnesota boat cover or create a custom solution for you if needed.  If you’re looking to do this on your own here is a 5 steps process.

  1.  Remove the boat cover and allow it air dry thoroughly. This step is particularly important whether you plan to use an adhesive repair patch or sail repair tape to do the job, or you plan to sew the rip.
  2. Decide whether to use adhesive patching you get with your repair kit or a sewn repair. Do not use adhesive patching if you decide to make a sewn repair. If you choose adhesive patching, apply the adhesive patches or sail repair tape to the outside of the cover for maximum protection. Remember that adhesive patches will shrink somewhat over the course of time. While this will pull the edges of the tear or hole together, it also means that the patch will pucker and be a weakened place in the cover.
  3. If you decide to make the repair by sewing rather than using the adhesive patches, sew the rips in the cover. Such repairs are best made with a baseball stitch or double last stitch, although any stitch will do. The simplest is the double last stitch, done on the inside of the cover. Start by trimming the edges of the tear, then sew with sailmaker’s needles and heavy synthetic thread; if the material is difficult to push the needle through, use the sailmaker’s palm. Put the needle through the material just above the turn of the edge, then turn and put the needle back through just below the top of the turned edge, to begin seaming the tear as a “last.”
  4. Continue stitching until the length of the “last” is stitched from end to end.
  5. Lay the “last” flat on one side of the repair and use the same stitch to sew the last to the surface of the boat cover. You may wish to use a waterproof compound to coat the finished repair.

Or you can call us and we can repair your upholstery for you. Might be easier but hope this is helpful.

Protect Your Investment with Quality and Craftsmanship

Your boat is a beautiful investment. It’s fun, it’s functional and it’s worth protecting.

A high-quality, well-fitted boat cover is just the thing to extend the life of your boat and retain its value.

Here are 5 reasons why you need one:

  1. Prevent scratches and dents. Your boat is susceptible to scratching and denting when you are towing it and when it is in storage. You can help reduce this type of damage with a boat cover. A sturdy boat cover will protect your vessel from debris on the road such as flying rocks, twigs, sand and wind. When you’re out of the water or in storage, a cover will protect the surface of your boat from nearby boats, passersby and accidents.
  2. Prevent sun fading. The upholstery and paint on your boat holds a significant part of its value. Boats are exposed to UV radiation for long periods of time in open environments. If your boat is stored outside or kept in the sun for weeks or months, a cover will extend the look and the life of your watercraft. UV damage can cause cracking, chipping and splitting in your upholstery. It can also fade and weaken your paint job and any exposed rubber and plastic components.
  3.  Keep debris out of your boat. Bird droppings, leaves, glass, pine cones, branches, sand, rocks—the list goes on. Anything can end up in the bottom of your boat if you don’t have a good cover. Keep the interior of your boat clean and safe with a durable, well-fitting cover.
  4. Protect its value. The appearance of your boat is a major part of its value. Cracked upholstery, faded paint and weather-worn components are not only inconvenient and unsightly, they also drag down the value of your watercraft. A high quality boat cover will protect your investment.
  5. Discourage the theft of personal items and equipment. If your boat is parked or stored in an open area, its contents are vulnerable to theft. As unfortunate as it is, casual theft occurs frequently. A boat cover won’t prevent all burglary, but it can help deter some. A snug boat cover is a significant deterrent to thieves. Rest a little easier knowing that your boat is covered and its contents protected from prying eyes.

Using a boat cover will protect your investment, and perhaps just as importantly, it will allow you to enjoy your boat more. A well-maintained boat that has been protected from exposure to sunlight and weather with a good cover will give your years of enjoyment.