Keep Your Family Safe on the Water this Independence Day

The 2016 Minnesota Boating Guide can be found at,  This brochure/website reminds us Minnesotans that although we are ready for sun, fun and games there are rules we need to follow when we play. The following are 2016 regulation changes:

  • An alcohol concentration of .16 or more is now an aggravating factor elevating Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) to a gross misdemeanor. (Pg. 33)
  • Wake surfing is now subject to the same regulations as towed watersports. (Pg. 33)
  • Watercrafts are now prohibited from towing passengers from one-half hour after sunset to sunrise of the following day. (Pg. 33)
  • Personal watercraft life jackets must now be U.S. Coast Guard-approved/not prohibited for use with personal watercraft or while water skiing. (Pg. 35)

You can read into these new regulations further by clicking the link above, let the pages numbers guide you through. This brochure also guides us through a lingering topic developing more and more in the last few years, aquatic invasive species. It is so important we take time to read into this section as it is not a topic that is taken lightly by the State of Minnesota DNR officers anymore.

Protect Our Waters


By taking a few simple steps you can help protect Minnesota’s lakes and rivers from zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species. Aquatic invasive species (AIS) cannot move across the land without help, but when given a lift they can spread almost anywhere. It’s time for everyone who recreates in Minnesota’s lakes and rivers to help prevent the introduction and spread of AIS.

Take these actions required by law:

CLEAN all visible aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other prohibited invasive species off your boat, trailer, and other water-related equipment before leaving a water access or shoreland property. It’s illegal to transport aquatic plants or animals whether dead or alive.

DRAIN water-related equipment (boat, ballast tanks, portable bait container, motor) and drain bilge, livewell, and baitwell by removing drain plugs before leaving a water access. Keep drain plugs out and waterdraining devices open while transporting watercraft.

DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, worms, and fish parts in the trash. It’s illegal to release live bait into a water body, dump worms on the ground, or to move aquatic animals from one water body to another. Whenever possible also take the recommended actions listed below: DRY everything before going to another lake or river, especially if your boat has been in the water or moored for more than 24 hours – or if you have recently been in zebra mussel and spiny waterflea infested waters. To further decontaminate your boat and equipment do one or more of the following:

Spray with high-pressure water
Rinse with very hot water*
Dry for at least 5 days

*These water temperatures will kill zebra mussels and some other AIS: 120˚F for at least 2 minutes; or 140˚F for at least 10 seconds.

Check these places on your boat and trailer and remove aquatic plants and animals:


Canvas Craft On Boat Cover Repair

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When we receive a boat cover it is first important to determine if the cover is still worthy of a repair, our repairs are only as strong as the material we sew into so if it seems the cover is past its lifetime we may recommend a different solution.  We normally repair rips with a double sided patch, so the rip can’t snag/catch on anything on the inside or out. We’ll run the first side through, make sure it’s right, then flip it over and do the backside. This creates the best fix.
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