Don't Make A Mistake It Can Be A Thing

Keeping your boat cover in good repair is an ongoing need – and especially important to know that it is in good repair before you need to use it. We see all the time how the Minnesota sun, sand, wind and water can all damage your boat canvas over time, so regular inspection and cleaning is important in keeping it intact and looking good.  Canvas boat covers should be inspected for any tears, missing snaps or hooks, or other defects.  It should be mold and mildew free, or it will rot out.  Your goals:  keeping it healthy and prolonging your canvas’ life, and protecting your boat from damage that could occur from not having reliable boat canvas covers.

Cleaning tips for your canvas:

Although the marine canvas you obtain from a reputable canvas company such as ourselves it will be mold and mildew resistant, if you have dirt and moisture repeatedly left on it – it surely will mildew.

  1. Clean your canvas monthly, using a mild cleaner and warm water, if at all possible.  Harsher cleaners can remove some of the protector sealant on quality canvas.  Regular cleaning is the key.
  2. Use a soft brush to clean your canvas, and rinse the cleanser off with water until all residue is completely gone.  Pay attention to seams and heavily stitched areas, as these can collect dirt and moisture easily.
  3. You will need to dry your canvas naturally – not in a dryer, or have it dry-cleaned.  Putting canvas away wet will guarantee a sure path to mildew so be sure to leave your canvas out in the open for several hours prior to putting away.
  4. A boat cover used for mooring cannot be used for towing or hauling a boat, as wind or weather could destroy it – it could rip right off.  You will need specific, tight-fitting covers for hauling purposes.  Boats that are larger, like pontoon boats, need supportive poles, or the canvas will sag, and collect water, dirt, and you will have a harder time keeping it clean – and will shorten its lifespan if not well-supported.  Don’t forget to remove any snow on your boat canvas cover during Minnesota’s winter months to decrease your risk of damage.
  5. Be sure the inside of the boat is completely dry before storage or covering. Moisture left in the hull of the boat from cushions and other wet fabrics can cause mold and mildew to build inside of the boat and could potentially cause damage.

Marine canvas care is a year-round need, but simple routine steps will lengthen its lifespan.  Feel free to contact any of our professionals at Canvas Craft.