Northlander Cabin

Since 1977 Canvas Craft has been building this sturdy Traditional style ice house that remains a popular choice for the angler that likes his space and
something under his feet. This is the same house that grandpa probably used many years ago and the high quality hasn't changed for generations.

The Northlander Cabin Style ice shelter has a wood floor and folds in half like a suitcase. When fully set up it lays flat on the ice and gives the
angler a flat floor for comfort. All framework is telescoping (adjustable) round galvanized steel conduit for durability and folds easily into the wood
floor of the house. The frame and fabric easily store inside of the wood floor which works great for storage. Choose from Insulated or standard

Revolutionary NorpacR2TM Fabric with ThinsulateTM Insulation offers a new level of warmth and comfort even in sub-zero environments. In thermal tests NorpacR2TM Fabric Shelters were 40 degrees warmer than traditional shelters. Plus, lightweight NorpacR2 Fabric eliminates condensation, will not wind-whip and provides a lighter, brighter interior.

Purchase this house as a "kit" to save money. Our easy to ship Kit includes Fabric shell and Framework along with instructions on how to construct your own wood floor.

NOTE: All Ice Shelters are custom built after you order. Lead times may vary.

Northlander Cabin Style Shelters Include:

  • Heavy traditional canvas or NorpacR2 with Thinsulate™

  • Two large windows with flaps

  • Telescoping frame folds down inside base

  • Large Heavy Zippered Door with 2-way sliders for venting

  • Screen vent with velcro flap

  • Comfortable height — 75" tall at center

  • Fast one-minute set up — even in wind!

  • Can ship UPS or Speedy

  • Additional wind bars for stabilization available