There’s nothing quite like a day in the sun. The unyielding, blistering sun.

Rain doesn’t ruin a sunny day, sunburn does. And our USA manufactured custom bimini tops and boat enclosures offer UV protection that keeps you comfortable and on the water longer.

Our best-quality, marine-grade materials stand up to the sun summer after summer, giving your family a cool way to getaway and relax out of direct sunlight. What’s more, enclosing your top curtains can protect you from harsh elements and can be used when mooring at the dock.

The best part? Every inch of your enclosure is built to your exact specifications—including the frame, which is molded right here at Canvas Craft. There is simply no better fit for your boat.

Bimini Tops

A bimini top is a free-standing boat top supported by a three- or four-bow frame that easily folds up and down, offering protection from the elements or full exposure to the sun.

Tall enough to allow you to stand and move freely, and wide enough to cover the cockpit and seating areas of your boat, a Canvas Craft bimini cover is a popular and versatile way to offer shade and weather protection for every guest on your watercraft.

For even greater comfort, you can attach curtains and enclosures to your bimini top (See Curtains & Enclosures below) and make your boat an all-weather retreat.

Sun Tops & Fishing Tops

Being from Minnesota, we spend our fair share of time boating or fishing on the water. So we know better than anyone that the more you surround yourself with sun and weather protection, the longer you can stay out on the lake.

Our custom tops attach to your windshield and are designed to cover a portion of the cockpit area while allowing stand-up clearance for any boater.

They’re easy to set up, take down and store, and you can add a walk-through zipper at the middle window to create a convenient passageway to the bow.

Front windows can be added for greater visibility, and additional curtains and enclosures increase your protection from the elements (see Curtains & Enclosures below).

Curtains & Enclosures

Privacy, protection, visibility and comfort. They’re the difference between a day on the water and a day you’ll never forget. They’re also what makes a Canvas Craft custom boat enclosure better. We control the outcome of our products because we build everything here in our facility. With our craftsmen, it’s USA-MADE.

Marine Grade Construction

Our boat curtains are made with durable, marine-grade fabric and an ultra-tough clear window material called isinglass. Typically, they zip-connect to your boat top and fasten to your boat with snaps. And when they’re made by Canvas Craft craftsmen, they always fit.



A solid, yet foldable frame is the foundation for your boat top and enclosure curtains. And at Canvas Craft, using time tested procedures we bend each frame ourselves to fit each and every boat.

Made from raw sticks of 7/8” – 1” aluminum or stainless steel, our frames are constructed of a single, solid piece with no splices. That means unbending durability for you and long-lasting performance for your boat top.

Our craftsmen have spent decades perfecting the frame-making process, and we believe we have the best, most rigid frame on the market—one that crowns for perfect runoff in the rain and allows the boater to fold it away for easy storage.

We take custom-made to the extreme, and with our metal fabrication capabilities, we can make any type of frame or enclosure you desire. This includes aluminum and steel welding capabilities for the real custom project. We also use the best hardware and fittings available and offer upgrades to stainless steel.


When your curtains are zipped in place, they create a totally enclosed space inside your boat and offer unbeatable protection at the dock, under power, or during long-term mooring.


Extend the protected space in your cockpit by attaching a camper back to your existing sun top (link) or bimini top (link). All you need is extended frame, and you’ll get UV and weather protection over your entire cockpit.

It’s like having a three-season porch right on the water.

Our camper back curtains zip into place and provide space for camping, mooring and hanging out with friends and family. What’s more, we’ll custom make them to fit any existing boat or bimini top.

Add combo windows with screens and create a virtual screen room on the back of your boat—it lets the breeze in and keeps the bugs out.


Front curtains attach to the front of your boat top with zippers and fasteners and are made with isinglass for premium visibility. Isinglass side curtains provide the same protection and sightlines, connecting at the sides of your boat and zipping to the boat top. Rear curtains (aft curtains) are made to match your top and zip in place and extend down to the rear transom of your boat—they put the finishing touch on your boat and are great for night camping.


If you’re out on the water in the heat or spending the night under the stars, these zip-open window screens allow the breeze to blow through while keeping the bugs at bay. Combo windows with screens are a great option when you need a breeze on hot, sunny days, or when the bugs get bad. Simply zip open a portion of the window and get comfortable.


Add a pass-through to the front center section at the middle window, and you can easily roll up the middle canvas and access the bow. Add an entry or door to your aft curtain.


Mainly used on open-bow boats, these small flaps snap (or use Velcro) into place just below your front walk-through window. This keeps wind from blowing under your window and keeps you comfortable on cooler days.


This high-end, marine-grade fabric protects your top and frame while your boat’s in storage. A heavy-duty zipper keeps it secure.