Must See Areas to Keep Cool at the Fair

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The Minnesota State Fair has something for everyone, but when the temperatures peak and there are thousands of people roaming the streets, it’s no secret the fair can get a little sticky. We’ve put together some tips for keeping cool at the fair and have included a few fun facts for when you visit the Great Minnesota Get Together.

Some of the warmest fair days in history, according to, include September 10th, 1931 when temperatures reached 104 degrees!. The 2013 Fair was the third warmest on record with an average temperature of 88.2 degrees and that year also saw 90-degree temperatures on record six days. 

Since a chilly State Fair is rare, here are a few suggestions for beating the heat as you walk around the grounds.

Drink water. The Fair allows you to bring in your own water bottle and there are as many as 38 water refill stations located throughout the fairgrounds. says embrace it. You know it’s going to be hot so prepare yourself. Dress in cool clothes and get out of the sun as much as you can.  

Finding good shade is a great way to cool down too. And when you’re looking for shade, make sure to check out a show and sit under the shade tension structure located at the new Baldwin Stage. The fabric structure is made out of Precontraint TX30 Type 3 fabric which was supplied by Serge Farrari the structure has a width 48' x depth 54' x height 30'.  The life expectancy of the fabric is 30 years!

Canvas Craft President Matt Franta said, "We're really excited to work with the State Fair Team once again in 2016 on the Baldwin Stage project. The new stage and fabric structure will host and protect many performances and audiences for decades to come.  Canvas Craft is proud to play a role at the 'Great Minnesota Get Together.' Thanks so much to the project partners at Cuningham Group (Architecture and Design), Maertens Brenny Construction, Wayne Rendely P.E., and Reigstad & Associates for their hard work and dedication.”

Fun fair fact: sites that on hot days employees that work at the Corn Roast stand are sprayed down by a hose every half hour. Employees also shorten their shifts from an hour and a half to 40 minutes!

However you decide to keep cool at the fair we hope you enjoy your Minnesota State Fair experience and utilize some to all of these fun tips for keeping cool at the fair.