Do You See What Your Customers See

Awnings have adorned shopfronts since the Civil War era. New technologies in fabric graphics are now revitalizing the use of awnings in very creative ways.

Awnings are now able to be truly customized, thanks to printing methods, machinery and fabric that can reproduce virtually any color or graphic onto an awning.

Fabric graphics advancements

Advancements in fabric graphics technology have opened up a whole new world of awning signage possibilities. The biggest steps toward easily customizable awning fabrics have been taken by digital printing advancements. Today’s digital printing systems offer more options than ever at cost-effective rates. The technology and the affordability have fostered an environment for creativity in awning applications to thrive.

Awning providers have also devoted themselves to greater innovation in customizable awning options. Customers are able to have logos, colors, artwork and custom colors reproduced on awnings and awning fabric. Awnings will always be a wise choice for reducing solar heat gain, protecting interiors from UV radiation and lessening the effects of weathering from rain and storm debris. Now they can actually become an enhancement of your architecture, a symbol of your business and an extension of your brand.


There are several methods used to transfer digital images and colors to awning fabric, from the tried and true art of screen printing to technologically advanced vacuum heat source bonding. The best method for creating your custom awning will depend on the type of fabric you select, the application of your awning and the style and size of the graphics you want to apply.

  • Screen printing. A traditional, classic printing technique.
  • Pressure sensitive vinyl printing. 
  • Digital printing processes
  • Dye-sublimation printing
  • Vacuum and heat source bonding. A method where graphics are printed onto a film that is heated and then bonded to awning fabric.

Manufacturers can direct print on polyester substrates, catering to the new demand for customized outside signage textiles for awnings. The direct and dye-sublimation printing processes offer incredible consistency, high productivity and perfect image quality.

A particularly popular method uses a vacuum and heat source system to bond graphic film to awning fabric. Computer plotting of images creates very defined graphics, allowing consumers to create exact replicas printed on awning fabric.

Contact Canvas Craft to discuss employing fabric graphics technology on your custom awnings to revitalize your business. Our professional awning designers can transfer your logo, graphics, colors and vision onto your business awning.