Fun In The Sun With A Little Shade

Summer is the time for fun in the sun. Pools are the perfect place to get the most out of a long summer day. The cool water and warm afternoon sun are refreshing and invigorating. Even the most sun-loving skin needs some shade on the hottest days, however. Awnings are the perfect answer, bringing architectural class and friendly shade to your pool house.

Shady Retreat

Custom awnings provide a shady, relaxing spot to relax poolside without going indoors. Customized awnings that match your pool house decor can be handcrafted with fabrics that provide you with a respite from the sun without ending your day at the pool.

UV Protection

We are partnered with Sunbrella to bring some of the highest quality, industry-leading fabric technologies and products to our customers. Sunbrella awning fabrics are designed to block harmful UV rays and provide durable, long-lasting fabric structures to protect you from the sun and elements.

  • Sunbrella awning fabrics can provide 98 percent protection from harmful effects of the sun.
  • Sunbrella fabrics have been given the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • Custom designed awnings will provide beauty to your pool house in addition to shade. Our team can customize your awning to your exact specifications, including colors, shapes and graphics.
  • Reliable UV protection during the hottest months will allow you and your family to enjoy your pool while being protected from the sun.

Expand Your Living Area

If your pool is off the end of your house or deck, awnings can expand your living space into your backyard. Retractable or stationary awnings provide a shady transition zone between your home and your pool, and will protect your deck or patio from sun fading, solar gain and other weather-related elements. We can custom tailor an awning to fit any space, whether you have a pool house on your property or a poolside patio that needs shade.

  • Retractable awnings can be controlled by a command center, a remote control or manually.
  • A deck or patio awning will block sunlight from creating solar gain in your home.
  • Awnings on your pool house or home will reduce sun fading of furniture.
  • Cooling costs during the summer are dramatically impacted by awnings. The additional shade will bring your energy bill down.

Improving your home and property with customized awnings will beautify your space and provide you with a safe and comfortable way to enjoy the luxury of your outdoor pool.