Is Green The Best Choice For You

LEED points are like currency when it comes to the green building world. One great way to boost your LEED points is by installing green commercial awnings.

LEED certification has become an important benchmark in modern construction and renovation. While LEED points aren’t awarded for any given product, the use of Canvas Craft awnings and canopies can garner more points for the building project.

Indoor Environmental Enhancements

Commercial awnings are installed on the exterior of buildings, but they provide incredible interior benefits.

  • Temperature Control. Solar gain is a huge factor in the built environment. During summer months, solar radiation can put a huge load on air conditioning systems. Properly installed green commercial awnings can reduce energy costs by up to 39-percent.
  • Improved Ventilation. Commercial awnings can improve a building’s ventilation. By reducing solar gain and heat flow through windows, awnings reduce the reliance on air conditioners. Windows can be left open during warm days to allow for natural airflow. This reduces the amount of energy needed to ventilate and cool a building.
  • Improved Lighting Systems. Retractable awnings, window awnings and solar shades have embraced modern technology. Commercial awnings can be operated with sensors and programmable devices that are sensitive to the amount and intensity of sunlight. On the early and late hours, and on cloudy days, awnings retract, allowing more natural light to enter a building.
  • Reduce Opaque Building Space. Windows have always been weak points when it comes to heat gain and loss. Awnings help to stabilize window areas, allowing buildings to have more of them. More windows allow buildings to benefit from more natural light and ventilation. These improvements create a more comfortable environment and reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

Additional Indoor Benefits:

Awnings provide crucial UV protection by blocking the sun from fading or damaging furniture and window displays. Commercial awnings also decrease the amount of exposure window areas have to the elements, helping them to last longer and require less maintenance over time.

Outdoor Environmental Enhancements

Creating a comfortable indoor environment is one of the main benefits of adding commercial awnings to a building. Awnings also provide significant outdoor advantages.

•             Reduce Solar Reflective Index. Buildings are more than walls and office rooms. The surrounding hardscape of sidewalks, patios, courtyards, parking lots / ramps, and roads is also considered part of a building site. The U.S. Green Building Association (USGBA) requires that 50-percent of a building site’s hardscape have a combination of shade, paved areas with a Solar Reflective Index of 29 or better, or open grid pavement. Commercial awnings and canopies are cost-effective and attractive ways of reducing reflected heat that would otherwise contribute to the heat island effect.

  • Awnings Improve Views. Awnings reduce solar gain and heat flow through windows, eliminating the need for tinting. Tinted windows provide some relief from solar gain, but they diminish views.
  • Protection from the Elements. Wind, rain, sleet, hail, sun and snow pummel windows year-round. Awnings help reduce UV damage, water damage and wind damage to window areas.

Additional Outdoor Benefits:

Commercial awnings can be designed with company logos, eye-catching colors and inspiring graphics. Printing and fabric technology allow virtually any pattern, color or image to be placed on an awning. An attractive, useful commercial awning is a great way to advertise 24/7.