Trending Architecture Is The New Thing

Function may lead you to awnings, but form will win you over. Custom options for awnings have exploded in the last few decades. New fabrics, topcoatings, color printing and fabric graphics options have made almost anything you can conceive a reality.

Beyond shade and UV protection, awnings can actually enhance your existing architecture. Consider installing custom awnings to accent and draw out the most beautiful parts of your architecture.

Enhance with illumination. Illuminated, or backlit, awnings bring enhanced color and beauty to your architecture. Custom designs and colors become more noticeable and attractive with a well-placed backlit structure. Use soft light and colors to create a welcoming atmosphere, or bolder colors with dynamic lighting to make your awnings stand-out.

Extend usable space beyond your door. Awnings extend usable space beyond your door. Draw out the architecture of your building over a deck, patio or backyard space with a custom awning. Awnings also allow you to project your thematic architectural components over an outdoor space. This impressive extension of your space will give a unique and thoughtful touch to your architecture. Colors and design components from interior spaces can be incorporated in the outdoor space, allowing your architecture to be enjoyed in different moods and lighting.

Create a custom decor. If you value your architectural theme, consider using awnings to create a custom decor. Awnings can make particularly strong architectural statements at front entrances and facades. The architectural elements of a building are given attention and complement by well-designed custom awnings. Accenting your architecture with custom-colored and custom-designed shade structures will draw attention to the building as a whole. The well-designed architectural elements of the building will not be lost to the awnings, but drawn-out by them. Awnings can be designed into new architecture or custom-built to be incorporated over existing structures. A nearly endless palette of colors and custom graphics can be applied to awnings.

Protect your building. Some of the finest detail and most pleasing architecture is concentrated around the doors and windows of a building. Use custom awnings to draw attention to these areas and to protect them from the elements. Awnings reduce wear from wind, rain, UV damage, solar radiation and other types of weathering. This precaution will look good and extend the life of your building’s finest assets.

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