We Design That Thing You Drew on the Napkin Last Night

Custom Awning Design Process

A custom awning design starts with you. Before any plans are drawn up, before any measurements are taken, your custom awning project begins as a vision in your mind.

Whether you need an awning that reduces energy costs for your business, provides shade and shelter for your deck or patio, or advertises your company brand, you want it to embody the vision you have for its potential.

Working with your experienced team of design and manufacturing professionals, your custom awning can be created to meet your exact specifications.

Getting Started

To begin the custom awning design process, we need to get a sense of your vision. The more information you can give us, the better. We want to meet your expectations and create a superior product.

To design your custom awning, we need one or more of the following things:

  • A sample or prototype of the awning you desire.
  • A photo of an awning, accompanied with accurate dimensions.
  • A sketch or drawing of your vision.
  • A sewn or fabricated prototype of your awning.
  • An engineered drawing or set of plans.

Any combination of these starting points is enough to allow our design team to create or recreate the custom awning you need.

Custom Awning Design Process

Here’s a breakdown of how the entire process works:

  1. You tell us what you are looking for in a custom awning, what you want to use it for, what expectations you have of it, and where you want it installed.
  2. You give us a drawing, photo, sketch or prototype of the awning you need manufactured.
  3. We draft a design based on the information you have given us.
  4. Together with you, we work to select attractive, durable, functional materials that meet the demands of your custom awning project.
  5. We communicate with you regularly every step of the way.
  6. With you approval of the pre-production sample, we manufacture your custom awning.

It’s as simple as that. We’ve been designing and manufacturing custom awnings for decades, and we have it down to an art and a science. Our custom awnings are crafted to be durable, long-lasting and high performing products.

Additional Benefits of Custom Awnings

  • Custom awnings can protect your home or business from harmful UV radiation.
  • Awnings specially designed for your space can uniquely reduce your energy costs.
  • Custom awnings protect your home or business from the elements and can extend the life of doors and windows.

Contact our team today to discuss your custom awning options.