An Intelligent Investment For Your Business

Commercial awnings can be a great marketing tool for drawing potential customers to your business, especially if you choose an awning that is aesthetically pleasing for those passing by. Additionally, awnings provide other benefits for businesses; not only do they relieve customers, both indoors and outdoors, and from the sun, but they protect your business and its patrons from harsh weather while potentially saving you, the business owner, from costly energy bills. With these facts in mind, doesn’t a commercial awning sound like a worthwhile investment? How many other fixtures can have an effect on increasing sales and decreasing costs?

Deciding that your business is a perfect candidate for a commercial awning may be the easy part. After deciding upon an awning, you must then select the type of awning that is best for your specific business and business needs, as follows:

Retractable awnings are not necessarily ideal for withstanding bad weather, they add a bit of flexibility. During the hot Minnesota summer months, they can easily extend the size of your business space, especially if you are a restaurant with an outdoor patio or café with sidewalk space.

Fabric awnings are normally available in multiple designs and colors; always a great tool for branding your business on a local neighborhood street. They are also easy to maintain and bring a more softer and traditional feel within a local business district.

Lighted awnings make a positive, around-the-clock first impression through a unique illumination, combining the charm and flexibility of fabric awing with the high visibility of a commercial sign.

Metal awnings are likely your best bet if you live in an area with unpredictable or generally poor weather conditions. Metal awnings can withstand strong winds, as well as extreme weather conditions such as, heavy rains, snowstorms, and hurricanes. Their sturdiness means that they are built to last over the long term.

Today, the “green” movement is getting stronger and stronger, and, as energy costs increase, business owners must figure out creative ways to lower their bills. As such, awnings have proven to be a cost-effective solution to enhancing a business’s energy efficiency. Choosing an awning with a lower drop or a retractable awning that can block the heat from the sunlight, can essentially reduce the amount of air conditioning that is needed during the summer months. In addition, awnings now assist many businesses in obtaining LEED certification; and you don’t need to compromise your design or branding elements to get the energy and cost savings associated with green awnings.

Every business has different needs and specific requirements, thus you must perform the necessary due diligence. At its core, your commercial awning project must enhance your business’s image while providing shade/weather protection and/or energy saving. This is why it is extremely important to find a manufacturer that has a reputation for excellent service, innovation, and integrity, while also offering a quality product line of commercial awnings. Their assistance from the first interaction to the final installation will be invaluable, as they can be a major asset in designing an appealing and well-constructed awning that is tailored to your business.