The Schilling

Made in the Shade – Extreme Heat to Cold, Hard Cash

Providing shade is a priority for the Minnesota State Fair. 

For 12 days in August, fairgoers (all 1.9 million of them!) revel in the sights, sounds, foods, activities and crowds that define Minnesota’s Great Get Together. 

Without shade options, fairgoers wither. 

With shade options – portable or permanent – by Canvas Craft, fair organizers gain credit and market share: a better customer experience means longer visits, greater sales and more repeat performances – extending the already strong brand equity of the fair.

From the shade sails of the Schilling Amphitheater to portable shade structures, the Minnesota State Fair trusts Canvas Craft to help fairgoers – and organizers - keep their cool. 

Download the case study on the latest award winning shade structures at the Minnesota State Fair: