Do Not Miss These Insights on Maintenance

Maintaining equipment properly is a common struggle for companies as equipment maintenance duties funnel down to even the smallest man on the totem pole. What is your company doing to ensure that everyone has the company as a whole in mind when utilizing and caring for company equipment?

We have taken insights from industry leaders to provide you with more information in a snap shot. says, “Develop strategies with preventative, predictive, and reactive maintenance in mind.

“If you use preventive maintenance in conjunction with a predictive and reactive maintenance strategy, you can control costs while managing downtime and maximizing uptime. While a reactive case is unplanned, you should be able to plan your work and work your plan for preventive maintenance. If you know you have a contract with a service provider and have scheduled maintenance, you can ensure the provider shows up on time and that you have the parts ready to go (plan for parts to be delivered a day ahead of time). Then, you can maximize the service provider's time on the equipment, avoid wait time and get your equipment back in service more quickly.” offers a checklist of equipment management solutions:

  • Train operators best practices.
  • Monitor your equipment location and activities.
  • Examine how machines run and condition.
  • Plan for potential or necessary repairs before a problem occurs, to avoid failure or delays in projects timeline.
  • Anticipate life cycle of equipment.
  • Estimate operating costs effectively.
  • Commit to preventative maintenance.
  • Inspect equipment daily.
  • Monitor fluids.
  • Compare cost of onsite maintenance vs. in shop repairs.
  • Use checklists.
  • Don’t skimp on quality.
  • Form a downtime plan.

Whomever you are in an organization don’t discard your influence to make money and time sensitive solution suggestions. Take time to educate yourself to influence the industry and hold your company to high standards. Speak up and offer solutions.