Savings You Can Tell Your Boss About

If the role you play at the company you work for determines budgets we have compiled diverse information we think you should consider before diving into the 2018 year. offers an article with insight on the distinction between discretionary and consequential costs, “many senior executives seem to not understand that a lot of facility costs are not discretionary… in the long term (sometimes not-so-long term) many facilities costs are consequential costs.”

Consider an equipment covering, a company that invests in a covering will get a longer life out of the equipment which means less cost over time protecting company goods against outside elements. When considering a cover potentially spending more on custom features to offer better overall protection, higher grade materials, and ease of use may mean a longer lasting cover and the cover will perform better when in use.

Another article from jumps into other items to consider with budgeting for the New Year upon us.

  1. “Utilize technology” – the cost in efficiency may save over time in the long run. Connect with industry leaders using technology to ensure it is a true fit before making the investment.
  2. Communicate and grow a green culture – more energy efficient and greener can help reduce costs while ensuring everyone becomes more environmentally conscious.”
  3. “Work with nature” – during winter allow natural light for heat. In the summer creating custom covering can cool and decrease energy use in the summer months.
  4. “Don’t overlook the little things – these things are a part of a bigger picture. Examples include: turning off vending lights, changing filter screens, proper temperature refrigeration, window leaks, etc.”

Cutting Costs can be highly effective if processed with all industry factors in mind. Hopefully we offered solutions you can bring to budget meetings for 2018.