We Test Time with These Solutions Now

It’s Monday, you’re driving into work revisiting what was left unfinished on Friday. Remembering the three meetings you know will last at least 30 minutes, and all other aspirations you have for completion this week.

You walk in the door, you have 13 client emails all asking something of you, three emails that need to be addressed and six voicemails that all need research into running projects for an accurate return call. How do you deal?

Let us guide you through resources we have found effective in managing duties of your day. Forbes.com says:

  • Seek help/delegate with a deadline expectation.
  • Do not get sucked into unnecessary meetings.
  • Create a to-do list. Visualize progress, make deadlines, and start with the most dreadful task.
  • Take mind breaks (actually increases productivity). Productivity is not measured by the number of hours you sit at a desk. It is measured by how much you get done.
  • Weed out distractions (disconnect, if possible)

Adding to this list in entrepreneur.com:

  • Set your schedule for the next day the night before you leave the office.
  • Keep your work space clean and clear of clutter.

Businessnewsdaily.com had a great addition to our productivity solutions:

  • Streamline and personalize your workspace.

Many of the above resources include suggestions to increase productivity, is it because these are foolproof ways to improve the timeline of your day? Maybe, but considering each could speed your day up or down based on your industry. We recommend to take what works for you from this information and reduce stress from your workday.