Industrial Fabric + Metal

My business is my life. My motto: up early, be an expert in my field, innovate to save money and time. 

Equipment is expensive, and I mean it to last. I need fabric and metal covers that fit right, keep their shape, and hold up over time to protect my investment and make my job easier.

Canvas Craft has mastered the art of custom design and structure fabrication, employing high tech fabrics, precision measurements, and made-in-Minnesota know-how to guide me in visualizing and completing both customer and workspace projects. 

Whether I need warehouse divider curtains, tension shade structures, heavy-gage truck tarps, specialty fabric connectors or chutes, or industrial filters and containment systems, the less time I spend worrying about what’s covering my assets, the more time I have to focus on making my business work.  


Technology for a True Fit. Protect what Matters.