We've Got You Covered. 

Shade is important. It means keeping cool on a warm day, providing safe - sun free - areas for the people and pets you love, and most importantly it creates an enjoyable social experience for your home. That’s why we emphasize customization, quality, and a Canvas Craft guarantee.

  • It’s Customizable: Each shade solution is designed for your desired home aesthetic & experience. This means the control is in your hands, and the options are endless.
  • Quality is King: Our team prides themselves in being industry leaders in thought, execution, and product delivery. This means your experience is backed by 30+ years of happy residential clients.
  • We Guarantee Everything: We back each shade solution with a one-year warranty covering materials, labor, and workmanship, plus an extended fabric manufacturer’s warranty when applicable. This means you’re covered if we don’t cover you.

We believe that shading is important, and we’re committed to providing you with the best education, the most custom options, and the top customer experience you’ll find in the residential shading industry. Connect with our team to see how we could help create your shade solution, or take a look at some of our work below.


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