The Truth About the Healthy Effects of Being Outdoors

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After being cooped up indoors for a majority of the winter, it’s gonna feel good to get outside this summer. And it’s like we as individuals need reasons but sometimes it’s hard to break away from work. Here are some great reasons to give your boss as to why you need to get away from the office so you can be a better worker this summer!

Science shows that spending time in the great outdoors can actually make you healthier. Escaping to the woods, mountains or even your neighborhood park helps both your body and your brain. In an article published at, they list 7 ways getting outside is good for your health.

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Getting outside can also help with depressions. According to an article in, Norwegian researchers discovered that subjects with moderate-severe depression who participated in a horticultural program experienced reduced symptoms after 12 weeks. "Humans are innately engaged in nature," says study author Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez, PhD, making gardening an ideal distraction from the rumination that fuels depression.

They sound like science fiction, but negative ions—particles that are plentiful near waterfalls, breaking waves, and river rapids—can act as natural antidepressants, according to Columbia University researchers. And an Indoor Air study found that after breathing negative ions for an hour, subjects' blood lactate levels dropped 33 percent, improving their energy levels.

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There’s also supporting evidence at, that sunlight hitting the skin begins a process that leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D. Studies suggest that this vitamin helps fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks. Limited sun exposure (don’t overdo it), supplemented with vitamin D pills if necessary, is a good regimen.

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And for city dwellers, the reports that going to the park might be able to lower anxiety. Various studies have found that urban dwellers with little access to green spaces have a higher incidence of psychological problems than people living near parks and that city dwellers who visit natural environments have lower levels of stress hormones immediately afterward than people who have not recently been outside.

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So tell your boss you’re leaving the office early and get outside.

Celebrate with Your Family in the Shade


In April we celebrate the outdoors with Arbor Day and Earth Day in the same month. As we prepare for the summer heat we take pride in our outdoor environment sprucing things up and getting things back in order before summer hits. At Canvas Craft we take pride in being a small company that facilitates a balanced home and work life. We want to make sure you are also taking time to enjoy the weather and home updates that come in the spring months with your family.

Earth Day, Arbor Day what’s the difference and what are ways we can celebrate?

Earth Day is the first celebratory day we take in April to really appreciate our earth’s environment. tells us that April 22, Earth Day, was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, and was first organized in 1970 to promote ecology, respect for life on the planet as well as to encourage awareness of the growing problems of air, water and soil pollution. This day can be celebrated by planting trees, picking up roadside trash, conducting various programs for recycling and conservation, using recyclable containers for snacks and lunches.

Arbor Day this year falls on April 29th. gives us a background on Arbor Day, in 1854, J Sterling Morton moved from Detroit to the area that is now Nebraska. He and other pioneers noticed a lack of trees, which were needed to act as windbreaks to stabilize the soil and to give shade from the sun. Morton planted many trees around his own home and encouraged others to do the same.

On January 4, 1872, he proposed a holiday to plant trees on April 10 that year. This was known as "Arbor Day" and prizes were awarded to the counties and individuals who planted the most trees on the day. About one million trees were planted in Nebraska on the first Arbor Day. In 1885, Arbor Day became a legal holiday and was moved to April 22, which was Morton's birthday. In 1989, the official state holiday was moved to the last Friday in April. All states in the US now have an official Arbor Day.

Arbor Day is a time for people to get their hands in the dirt and plant and/or care for trees, bushes and plants.  Celebrations include; communal tree planting, exhibitions, fairs, music performances and open days in garden centers.


Ways Canvas Craft can help you in getting your outdoors prepared for Summer:

1. Let’s face it yard cleanup can be a bugger - do you have a hole in your lawn bagger, tarp, or other canvas product?  Bring it on in!

2. Speaking of buggers, do you want to keep your family outdoors, but away from all those bugs? How about a screen to enclose an existing space? We can do that!

3. Planting trees right next to your home for the shade you need may not be best close to the foundation of your home and could take years to reap the benefits – how about a browse through our shade and awning products?

4. Are the existing trees dropping leaves and sap on your lawn furniture? No trees, okay well is the sun beating on your hard earned lawn furniture? Let us cover it for you!

5. Don’t have lawn furniture, well, the sunlight can take a toll on many of our prized possessions that get stored outside over the summer months, at Canvas Craft we want to protect the things you love!

What is the Right Choice for your Home?

 What is the Right Choice for your Home?

We at Canvas Craft know that making decisions for your home is not always easy. We have developed a few questions that help bring to light whether an awning is the right choice for your home. Instead of introducing our knowledge on what awnings can offer your home, we have pulled together information from our resources that may help. We’ve done the work for you…