Canvas Repair

A hole is something you fill in or pour money through. It’s up to you.

Personally, we’d pick the former, because fixing a small hole or tear is simple; replacing an entire boat cover, awning or industrial tarp is far more costly. And, while we’d love to sell you a custom canvas top, we think it makes more sense to save you money.

Inspect your canvas often. Search for seam or storm damage. And stop the problem before it rips its way through your bank account. Many times a simple patch or seam repair can prevent extensive damage. Check out our patch kits that include canvas remnants and adhesive.

Canvas Craft has the equipment, experience and expertise to take on:

  • Awning Repair

  • Boat Cover Repair

  • Boat Lift Canopy Repair

  • Upholstery Repair

  • Sun Top Repair

  • Bimini Top Repair

  • Zipper Repair & Replacement

  • Frame Repair

  • Boat Cover Re-Stitch

  • Tarp Repair

  • Vinyl Welding

  • Vinyl Patches

  • Truck Tarp Repair

  • Canopy Repair

  • Pool Cover Patch and Repair.

  • Boat Frame Repairs

  • Bimini Top Repairs